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Providing an holistic approach to supporting your well being

My journey into becoming a holistic counselor started after I met some wonderful people whilst studying Shiatsu. They introduced me to the counseling course and I have been studying it ever since. My life has changed through my own strong personal inquiry and personal work, which I continue.
I first came upon ‘The Work’ two years ago when I started my holistic counseling training. I have done three weekends with Rosie Stave and have recently returned from a five day ‘Forgiveness Intensive’ with Byron Katie. I am currently on the path to becoming a certified facilitator of The Work.
I am a trained Bowen Therapist, Reiki Master and Pranic Healer. My interests lie in looking at how our emotions, or non expression of our emotions impact our body/our lives.  
I explored what Reiki was after hearing about it and wondering what it was like. I found a great teacher and over a period of four years did my three levels of training, with lots of practice in between.  Pranic Healing was something that I heard about from other people I was studying with. Something said to me that it was for me, so I went and studied most of the courses available in this too.  
Bowen Therapy was a different story.  I started studying Shiatsu and whilst I love it for being gentle and how it works deeply but silently on the body, I found that the study wasn’t for me.  Again, it was someone I was studying with who recommended that I might like Bowen.  So, off I went to find a good school and did my training.
I find that my body work all compliments each other.  My intuitive work also helps me when working energetically.
In 2010 my only daughter died suddenly at the age of 23. This changed my life immensely and has been the catalyst for where I am now headed and the work that I have done.


I look forward to being of service and helping you on your journey.


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